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Spray Paint2
Super Acrylic Base
Best Touchup | Period
Heat Resistant
Special formulation of heat resistant pigments blended into the premium quality silicone polymer resin
Fluorescente Spray
Delivers exceptional fluorescent effect and brilliant colour when illuminated by sunlight or artificial light
Acrylic Base
One of the best options in terms of quality, color, permanence, viscosity, and drying time
Spray_Paint_big3 (1)
Primer Spray
Comes with a special formula having high-quality adhesion on all metal substrates
Anti Track Spray
Specially designed for protection and sealing of insulated surface against deterioration, exposure to oil, moisture, etc
Provides best results for PP and ABS surfaces
Zinc- Rich Spray
Quick drying and corrosion with 99.9% zinc purity in grey matt finish
Electro Passivation Spray
Enhances corrosion resistance and increases the electrogalvanized life of the metal substrates
Anti Corrossive Clear Lacquer
Provides superior protection of metal components against degradation due to moisture, oxidation, etc
Zinc Silver Spray
COST-EFFECTIVE VERSION of Quick drying, corrosion-resistant ZINC SILVER spray paint with 99.9% zinc purity in grey matt finish
Anti Rust Spary
we can manufacture products as per ROHS norms and requirements. Achieving a fantastic gloss with up to 90+ gloss levels is the USP of this…
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identify the type of problem you are facing like scratches, transit damages, uncovered areas etc. and preparea shade panel or component. Please contact us as our executive will visit to collect the same for sample development. We will develop the shade and submit for trials FREE OF COST!. Once approved to your satisfaction, we will proceed with the commercials



We will explain the products and collect Shade panel / Component


We will submit Sample for your trials and once approved, settle the commercials


We will produce the material as per your order and supply accordingly.

We are prompt to understand your enquiry, provide solution and support

We make more than 5000 shades and are sure to devlop yours too

Our R&D experts are fully geared up to provide 100% matching results for your componenet

Our team alwasy strives towards proving you with the touchup solution as soon as possible

Time to time training sessions are required for users to obtain best touchup results provided by our experts

Our logistics team is geared up to provide you most timely deliveries for your ordered materials.

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